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Our Solution

The JW Medical Management solution is designed to bring all administrative and financial aspects of a Medical Practice under one roof.

The solution enables the Clinician to step back from the non-fee generating activities and instead focus their attentions on medical matters. The Clinician’s only involvement in finance/admin should be the review of the Management Reports advising on business performance against budget and specific KPI’s, enabling the Clinician to drive the business forward.

So what’s the problem...

We understand the difficulties faced by Clinicians operating in the Private Health Sector in trying to look after the daily finance/admin activities in the business and then achieve the necessary Year End compliance of collating, reconciling, preparing and filing all the statutory accounting and taxation returns, and the huge stress and strain this subsequently causes. What makes this doubly difficult is that the Modern Clinician is so busy with their Private Practice, seemingly working night & day and weekends to boot.

How on earth do they have the time to run their business, look after all of their patients with the commitment & dedication that they so often display and then be in a position to keep their books constantly up to date and reconciled, collect outstanding monies due and to resolve countless financial queries from their Accountants after Year End, some of which are quite possibly dating back over the last 1 ½ to 2 years?  

And it doesn’t seem to matter as to whether the Clinician has a large practice or is a one-man band, whether they use a full Practice Management System or just excel sheets, not even if they employ the services of a reputable billing and collection company.

The reason being there is no correlation between the systems. The patient database, the accounts & bookkeeping records, the billing & collection software and the Year End Accounts are all completely disjointed. JW Medical Management have come together to literally offer you that ‘One-Stop Shop’ System to keep everything under one roof, and to provide a seamless journey from start to finish.

JW Medical Management are able to offer you a unique system that really helps you run your business efficiently;

Practice Management System

We can work with you and your existing system or any system of your choice. Alternatively we can provide you with a market leading Clinical System for managing your patients’ medical data and admin tasks.

Business Accounting System

We provide an integrated Business Accounting System that can synchronise all the necessary billing, collecting, credit control/debt management and accounting/bookkeeping requirements, fully balanced and reconciled at the end of every month.

Premium Service - Management Reporting

We can provide an in-depth report (monthly or quarterly) detailing the key financial aspects of your business - profits, expenditure, budgets, KPI’s, taxation & dividend drawdown to enable you to make informed decisions about running your business and driving efficiencies creating more profits for the business.

Year End Compliance

We provide a streamlined handover to your Accountant with a fully reconciled, balanced and compliant Year End File to enable a seamless calculation and submission of your statutory returns. We will deal with all queries raised through to submission to enable you to have more recreational time available for your relaxation and leisure.

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