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About The Team

The JW Medical Management Team – Skills, Knowledge and Experience

We were going to talk about our skills, knowledge and how many years experience our Management Team has in Accounting, Financial, Health and Information Technology Services but it made us sound like . . . really old, so lets just say we have a fantastic Management Team that has oodles of experience in all the main factors of the services that we are bringing to you to help you and your Practice thrive.

You and your patients

You and your patients are the most important thing to us . . . .

JW Medical Management Core Values

We believe that any company operating in this modern era has a responsibility for all of its actions and activities. We believe strongly that we must consider and monitor our interactions with our Staff, you the Client, our Suppliers & Regulators and the Environment around us to try and leave as positive an impact as we possibly can. To which we have set ourselves a list of Core Values that we look to adhere to.

Staff Welfare

Our staff are our greatest asset and we believe strongly that as a company we must invest in them, provide a happy and safe place to work and ensure that they have a voice and an opportunity to express themselves and their ideas at every opportunity.

We truly believe that a happy workforce leads to a successful company and excellent customer relations.

Every business has its own DNA. It’s what they do with that DNA that makes the difference

We feel that Core values are the guiding principles and beliefs that drive a company’s culture and reflect the mission at large. When defined accurately and with acute intention, we believe core values can help companies grow and evolve without losing touch with what matters at its core.

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