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Welcome to JW Medical Management

The JW Medical Management solution is designed to take all of the financial and administrative hassle & pain out of running a busy, modern Private Practice.

Working As A Modern Clinician In Private Practice What Do You Want To Achieve?

  • Know how your business is performing with “Real Time / Live” accounting?
  • Remove the stress of financial admin: billing, record keeping & accounting?
  • Drive your business forward and increase the profits from your existing practice?
  • Spend and enjoy your hard-earned cash now without worrying about HMRC?
  • Know exactly how much Tax you owe?
  • Free up time?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’ then we believe we can help you.


We have the solution . . . . .

Our solution enables the Clinician to step back from the non fee generating activities and instead focus their attentions on medical matters, driving their business forward and freeing up precious time.

We can assist you in diagnosing the pain points in your business, prescribe a range of remedies and bring your Practice back into robust good health.

You don’t have to adapt your way of working to fit to our methods, we have a complete range of services that we can adapt to you and your Practice, providing you with a bespoke, personalised solution.

You might just want a bit of help with admin & record keeping, or raising bills to your patients & insurers, or a bit more insight into how your business is performing.

Or you might want the full package of our Business Management Support service.

You choose the level of service that suits you and your business, we are just here to help you on your private practice journey.

No need to move accountants if you don’t want to! We work alongside many accountants offering an enhanced, seamless solution.

We look after Clinicians & Private Practice of all sizes, Sole Traders, Limited Companies & LLP's, up and down the UK including prestigious locations, such as Harley Street.

We are proud to work with some of the leading Consultants in their field – they work with us because we look after them in the same personable, efficient, and professional manner that they look after their patients.

Sound Familiar?

My private practice has grown to the point where I desperately need help with its day to day running and business planning.

I would much rather spend my time seeing more patients than dealing with all this accounting admin.
I've heard about HMRC Making Tax Digital (MTD). Will my Practice be compliant?
My secretary is fantastic dealing with my patients & clinics, but they struggle with the billing and finance side of the practice.
My private practice growth has slowed down. I want to understand why, and how to become more profitable?
I am really worried that my books and records might not be compliant with HMRC requirements? I’m concerned that I might not be able to put my hands on all my receipts & bills?
I am concerned about the amount of tax I owe. I can’t enjoy spending my hard-earned cash because I’ve no idea what my tax liabilities are?

I have started private practice, but I am getting bogged down with admin, billing patients, chasing payments & keeping my accounting books in order. This is slowing down my ability to grow and enjoy the benefits of my business.
I have just started private practice and I need some guidance and support about what to do?
Are we billing for all the work I have done? Are bills being paid in a timely manner?

So how can the JW Medical Management solution help the Modern Clinician...

We have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver a 'One Stop Shop' solution supporting every transaction starting with the initial patient contact right through to your Year End Accounts

We understand how stressful and tiring it can be dealing with all of your patients problems, and fitting in all of your consultations, procedures, reporting & admin, not to mention worrying about HMRC and all the accounting rules & regulations, what are acceptable expenses?, what documents do you need to keep?, how much tax do you owe?

We understand . . . . because we listen to our clients to find out about their problems & stress points. We work with them to alleviate their issues & help them run a more efficient, profitable business.

  • we are able to offer you a bespoke solution, shaping the right services to your individual needs,
  • we will listen to you, and talk to you about solutions in a language you can understand not in accounting jargon,
  • we can provide you with up to date information about your accounts and business performance,
  • we can advise you on what to spend and what to save for future liabilities,
  • we can help you understand the financial side of your business and how to grow your business efficiently and profitably,
  • we are a ‘One Stop Shop’ solution to help you with all of your administrative, financial and accounting needs.

... the Complete Financial Care Package

See how we have helped our existing clients, by reading some of their testimonials

Why not contact us today and see how we can help you with your Practice?

If you’re not sure exactly what you need just contact us and we can talk through how we may be able to help you without any commitment. Hopefully we can provide you with some clear outcomes on improving your Practice.

You can select whichever services suit your needs the most and are free to swap and change as your business grows and develops.
If you don’t need our services anymore then all we ask is that you give us 30 days’ notice.

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